Why Choose KPB Consultants

We are approved by The Department of Economic Development, - Abu Dhabi
to provide a wide pool of consultancy as well as training services.

Established in 2016, KPB Consultants Limited, is a consultancy company that aims and works to provide quality health, safety, and environmental services primarily in the Middle East.

Our team of skilled professionals and area-wise experts strive to bring the best possible customer experience complemented by quality health, environmental, and process safety services.

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Services we undertake

Environment and Social

KPB Group, a prominent environmental consultancy in the UAE, offers a diverse range of environmental services

Ground Investigation and Remediation

KPB is the largest employer of land contamination specialists in the UAE—but our experience and skills don’t stop at The Channel.

Climate Change

KPB offers an extensive range of climate change services to empower businesses and communities to achieve climate resilience

Health, Safety and Risk

KPB is equipped to deliver robust health, safety and risk services across sectors. From providing height and safety training by our dedicated safety and risk department, to asbestos, legionella and radiological assessments

Laboratory Testing

KPB provides specialist laboratory analysis services for a variety of organic and inorganic analytes. Specifically, our laboratories conduct molecular diagnostics, contamination testing, geotechnical testing and materials testing.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We work with the business from a closer point of view and understand their needs and demands for creating a safe and healthy work environment.
KPB Group, a prominent environmental consultancy in the UAE, offers a diverse range of environmental services. Our expertise encompasses acoustics, ecology, GIS, habitat management, and transport planning, among others, allowing us to deliver comprehensive solutions worldwide



KPB is committed to providing customized and end-to-end solutions. Solutions

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