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Climate Change

On 1 May 2019, the UAE Government became the first national government to declare an environment and climate change emergency. As a result of this, and the recommendations of the UAE Climate Change Risk Assessment 2021, the government of the UAE set a suite of ambitious, world-leading targets to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050. For this, strong and decisive leadership is required to create dynamic action to deliver a just transition towards a net-zero economy. The environmental consultancy sector is of critical importance to this transition, with respect to both the promotion and achievement of net-zero. As one of the leading environmental consultancies in the UAE, KPB offers an extensive range of climate change services to empower businesses and communities to achieve climate resilience. These services include greenhouse gas mitigation and offsetting services as well as adaptation services to reduce the risk of climate change to business and communities. Our communications experts can also help you to spread the word by developing materials that will report and connect to audiences with clarity and creativity. We deliver innovative, tailored solutions with the needs of our clients at their heart. As with everything we do, KPB aims to provide a one stop shop with all the services needed in one convenient place, rather than having to obtain them from multiple contractors. We focus heavily on the need to optimise the individual and collective resilience of our clients for the benefit of their people, planet and prosperity. KPB ’s dedication to working against the current climate and environmental crisis and creating a sustainable future is not just limited to our service offering but is also a core tenet of our business practice and strategy. To this end, KPB has published its group Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability route map, a visual representation of the business’s long-term goals and planned actions up to 2025. The route map is cognisant of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and integrates business and sustainability performance areas into a new, holistic strategy structured around the five sustainability pillars that are critical to our business success. We practice what we preach and we are here to help you be part of the new net-zero, climate-resilient economy.

Air Quality

Legislation and regulations regarding air pollution are expanding and changing rapidly, as we become more aware of the dangers of releasing certain substances into the atmosphere and the health impacts that air pollution can have.
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Carbon and Sustainability

The effective management of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection is critical to the long-term sustainable success of our clients.
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Climate change risk and reporting

Climate change poses a significant risk to the planet, its people and their businesses: a situation that requires immediate action.
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Flood Risk Assessment

KPB works with residential developers, commercial clients and energy sector clients, offering its full range of services to assist in all aspects of hydrology, flood risk, drainage and water quality management.
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Sustainability reporting

Sustainability has become a buzz-word that everyone, from oil and gas multinationals to government bodies and small businesses, is using to frame the way they tell their story to the world.
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