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GIS and Data Management

In the modern digital landscape, effective management of data resources and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is crucial. KPB recognizes the importance of flexible and pragmatic approaches, working in partnership with all stakeholders to deliver excellent GIS and data management services.

KPB recognizes the importance of flexible approaches, to deliver excellent GIS
and data management services.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to leverage the latest desktop and web-based GIS technologies to solve real-world problems and support projects of any size.

KPB has been delivering GIS-based services through its Environmental Impact Assessment, Planning, and Design (EPD) team since the 1990s, alongside its long-standing presence. In 2015, the GIS and visuals experts were consolidated into a dedicated team, centrally planning and managing the delivery of GIS-based services. While the team is based in Helsby, Hemel Hempstead, and Glasgow offices, they provide support to project teams wherever it is required. GIS expertise is also available in other teams under the KPB umbrella, including ADAS and KPB Biocensus.

The GIS and visuals team offers a wide range of GIS and visualization services to EPD colleagues, other teams within KPB, and external clients in sectors such as oil, gas, rail, and property development. They produce high-quality cartographic output conforming to client and metadata standards, develop systems that grant extended access to project information for project teams, create web applications to make project and business information widely available, and enable on-site data collection using mobile devices. In essence, they manage project data and focus on effective communication.

In dynamic and multidisciplinary projects where design changes are likely, a loosely defined project scope and poor communication can pose challenges. Furthermore, data incompatibility may arise due to the different systems used by various teams within the organization. This can result in inconsistencies in the management of spatial datasets, graphics, and associated tabular information. Data migration from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to GIS and vice versa can also lead to information loss or corruption.

To address these challenges, KPB operates the latest versions of leading GIS and CAD technology solutions. They also utilize Safe Software's FME Desktop, a comprehensive data integration platform that enables the semi-automation of data conversion between a wide range of data formats used by GIS and CAD systems. By adopting these technologies and tools, KPB ensures seamless data compatibility and efficient management throughout the project lifecycle.



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