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Waste and resource management

Waste and resource management are becoming increasingly important as ways of increasing business efficiency and saving costs. At KPB , we understand that businesses want to reduce the resources they use and the price they pay to dispose of waste without compromising on quality. Over the past decade, waste legislation has become increasingly involved and complex, which has increased the effort required to manage and dispose of wastes properly and the associated costs. We can help to identify the relevant legislation to assist in maintaining compliance and how to minimise the wastes produced and the costs of disposal.

Resource efficiency and waste minimisation plans

We look at the resources you use during normal operations and identify ways in which their consumption can be reduced or if alternative resources can be used. We identify ways in which you can reduce the volume of waste you produce, for example, by designing out waste from process activities.

Waste composition audits and compliance audits

We look at the volume and types of wastes you produce and why you produce them with a view to reduction or elimination. We check if you and your waste service providers are complying with waste legislation and provide solutions for compliance and best practice.

Waste management systems and plans

These help you to manage your liabilities effectively and
to meet the requirements of your existing management systems, legal compliance and other stakeholders’ requirements. We can produce waste management plans, including site waste management plans, for your operations to enable the efficient and effective management of your wastes while maintaining legal compliance and following best practice.


Waste legislation, waste minimisation, designing out waste and resource management. We have a broad range of experience of providing training to all organisational levels in interactive group sessions. We also provide web-based training.

Packaging waste producer obligations and waste electrical and electronic equipment

We can help you to identify whether you are obligated under the regulations, what your obligations are and how to comply. We can advise as to whether you are obligated under the regulations and what those obligations are, provide practical advice to manage any waste electrical and electronic equipment you produce and develop management plans for this waste.

Waste stream analysis and process modification

We can help you to identify how you can make your processes more efficient and reduce the amount of waste you produce.



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