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Flood Risk Assessment

KPB offers a comprehensive range of services to assist residential developers, commercial clients, and energy sector clients in hydrology, flood risk, drainage, and water quality management. Our dedicated Land and Development department comprises teams of engineers, scientists, hydrologists, and project managers who focus on understanding clients' business demands and technical requirements. We work as a partner, delivering technically proficient and innovative solutions that ensure sustainable outcomes within the specified timeframe and budget

KPB offers a comprehensive range of services in hydrology, flood risk, drainage,
and water quality management.

With over 30 years of experience, we possess the necessary skills to combine engineering, environmental, and economic expertise to support decision-makers in preempting and managing flood risk.

We excel in developing planning strategies and implementing appropriate techniques for flood risk mitigation. Our primary suite of services includes flood risk management, drainage strategy development, and water quality advice. Our regional teams are experts in assessing surface and foul water drainage, designing mitigating measures, and staying updated with the relevant national and local planning policies and frameworks. We also specialize in floodplain modeling and mapping.

Our diverse client base includes residential developers, commercial clients, and the energy sector industry. Additionally, planning consultants, architects, rail sector projects, local authorities, and housing associations often commission our services. Our clients not only seek diligent and efficient work but also aim to obtain planning permissions or meet other regulatory requirements. Timelines for project delivery are a major concern, as they need to align with other target dates in their program. Our experience, flexibility, and responsive approach enable us to quickly address any delays or issues in the planning process. By being diligent, professional, and leveraging our established relationships with consultees, we act swiftly and efficiently to alleviate our clients' concerns and help them meet their deadlines.



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