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Social and Stakeholder Engagement

In a world where communities, civil society, and government have increasing interest and influence over our clients' activities, KPB provides a comprehensive range of services to help clients effectively engage with their stakeholders, maximize project benefits, and minimize impacts.

KPB takes a fully integrated and interdisciplinary approach
to their services

Well-managed infrastructure and energy projects have the potential to contribute positively to society, creating a more sustainable and equitable environment.

Conversely, poorly managed projects can lead to various negative socio-economic, health, and human rights impacts, resulting in higher costs, delays, reputational damage, and operational risks.

KPB offers social expertise and support throughout the entire project life cycle, from definition and appraisal to development, operations, closure, and decommissioning. Their services include social baseline studies, social impact assessments, stakeholder engagement, social management plans, ecosystem services assessment, land access and resettlement plans, social monitoring and evaluation, and social investment programs.

With decades of experience, KPB's experts assist in project delivery by fostering a social license to operate, ensuring cost-effective compliance with regulatory requirements, and enabling project financing.

Recognizing the interconnectedness of socio-economic and biophysical impacts, KPB takes a fully integrated and interdisciplinary approach to their services. Social experts collaborate with specialists from various teams, such as biodiversity, marine, landscape and visual assessment, cultural heritage, noise, air quality, hydrogeology, hydrology, soils, and geomorphology. This collaboration helps develop a comprehensive understanding of how changes in one domain can trigger impacts across other domains.

KPB's team consists of skilled and diverse specialists who possess extensive experience working in different countries, contexts, and sectors. They have successfully worked with private, public, and non-profit clients across Africa, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Caspian region. Their programs are tailored to the scale of each project and the unique socio-economic institutional context in which they operate. The company frequently collaborates with clients seeking funding from International Financial Institutions. They consider international legislation, host country regulations, lender requirements, corporate standards, and relevant guidelines in an integrated manner, ensuring stakeholder expectations are addressed.

Overall, KPB's inclusive stakeholder engagement practices, interdisciplinary approach, and extensive expertise allow them to assist clients in managing social impacts, ensuring compliance, and building positive relationships with stakeholders.



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