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Transportation plays a crucial role in economic growth and globalization by improving access to goods, services, and enhancing productivity and development. KPB has been actively involved in a wide range of transport projects for over three decades. We have worked in the aviation, rail, and road industries, providing customized services for various project types and scales. Whether it's clearing the way for new roads through archaeology and ecological services or supporting airspace development, we demonstrate our capabilities to clients by offering environmental and technical services, innovative solutions, and comprehensive support.


Railway networks serve as vital connections between nations, facilitating the transportation of goods, capital, and promoting tourism while reducing travel time.
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The UAE has a vast road network comprising major and minor roads that are essential for the efficient transportation of goods, services, and people. KPB offers a wide range of environmental, engineering, and technical consultancy services for highway projects.
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The aviation sector is a significant driver of global economic development, facilitating international trade and contributing trillions of dollars to the world's gross domestic product.
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KPB is committed to providing customized and end-to-end solutions. Solutions

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