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In a rapidly changing world with growing populations and urbanization, sustainable property development is of utmost importance. KPB is a recognized leader in the property sector, offering consultancy and contracting solutions to address a wide range of challenges. As the largest independent consultancy in the residential sector and top-ranked in brownfield development, we bring extensive experience and a flexible, solution-focused approach to our clients.

A sustainable partnership Reducing the construction sector’s carbon footprint is one of the most significant challenges it faces. KPB acknowledges these challenges and collaborates with clients to adopt technologies that promote carbon neutrality. Our services cover the entire lifecycle of property development, from project initiation and site selection to demolition and change-of-use projects. By providing an integrated suite of services, we streamline the development process, reduce management time and costs, and enhance return on investment for our clients.

Integrated services KPB’s experienced team works closely with clients from the earliest stages of a project to identify and address potential risks, such as planning issues and unforeseen site conditions. By taking a proactive approach, we prevent or mitigate issues, ensuring predictable performance and maintaining a track record of excellence. Our services encompass project design, planning, construction, operational phases, and demolition and change-of-use projects, offering comprehensive support to our clients throughout the entire development process.



KPB is committed to providing customized and end-to-end solutions. Solutions

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