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National Organisations

We understand the needs of governments to find ways to cost-effectively carry out their projects, no matter what the current economic climate or policy. We have worked with all levels of government and a range of public bodies to provide solutions to their projects needs. We are also prequalified for several frameworks including the Crown Commercial Service’s Environmental and Sustainability Advice, Support and Delivery Framework Agreement Lot 16 Built Environment for multidisciplinary work and the Ministry of Defense’s FATS 4 STS for specialist technical services in environment, health and safety. Our spectrum-wide offering has led to us obtaining repeat contracts for several high-profile projects such as Crossrail, where we’ve been involved for over 10 years. Why do these bodies trust us? We simply know what we’re doing. We have the capabilities. We deliver on time. We’re well managed. We’re cost-effective. We’re competitive.

Public sector institutions are vital to a country’s well-being. More than five million people are directly employed in the public sector. KPB prides itself on its extensive history of actively working with public sector bodies and providing its full weight of environmental, engineering and technical services to benefit the country and society. Many of our projects are awarded through framework agreements, of which we hold several, and across many disciplines, including local authorities, regional and national bodies, including the Ministry of Defence. KPB ensures all projects are cost-effective.

Internal experts, outward expertise

KPB has the scientists to develop models and research solutions for government and the highly experienced advisers who can implement the science in cost-effective practical ways that help its clients to comply with regulations. Working at the interface between science and its application on the ground gives KPB the edge over much of the competition.



KPB is committed to providing customized and end-to-end solutions. Solutions

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