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Ground investigation & Remediation

KPB is the largest employer of land contamination specialists in the UAE—but our experience and skills don’t stop at The Channel. Our global team of expert engineers, geologists, and environmental scientists deliver end-to-end bespoke solutions for everything involved in land development, from in-situ testing and aerial surveys to spill and pollution response. Across KPB Group, we have decades of experience in responsible geotechnical contracting and geo-environmental consulting, which combined, provide us with a unique range of knowledge and abilities to assess, remediate, and prepare land for development. Our multi-skilled international teams work closely with our clients to use cutting-edge remediation technology and deliver the most environmentally and socially responsible work packages possible, for sites of all scales. Our extensive in-house resources, from laboratory testing and drilling services to experienced consultants and engineers, enable us to deliver efficient and accurate results and plans throughout a project.

Aerial Surveys

The benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, are extensive and can even save lives. They can transport life-saving medications to hard-to-reach locations and collect geotechnical data for assessing ground conditions.
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Environmental Permitting & Site Condition Assessment

Major industrial, energy, waste and manufacturing sites require an environmental permit to operate under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) in England and Wales, and the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations in Scotland.
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Geo-Environmental Consultancy

KPB specializes in reusing brownfield land and cleaning up contaminated sites, which is crucial for urban renewal, housing needs, and addressing industrialization legacies.
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Geophysical & Utility Surveys

KPB offers comprehensive geophysical surveying services for the construction industry. Our team of experienced geophysicists utilizes various non-invasive techniques
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Ground Investigation

Ground investigations play a crucial role in understanding ground conditions and potential geohazards, influencing project design and construction strategies.
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Topographical Surveys

Topographical surveys provide accurate depictions of properties, land areas, or boundaries, enabling visualization and planning of development work.
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KPB is committed to providing customized and end-to-end solutions. Solutions

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